• Children's University Space Challenge
    We have had a fantastic response from some of our children with regards to the recent World Space Week Children's University Space Challenge, and we received the news this morning that our photos will be shared with Lunar Mission 1 and they could be shared with other schools around the world.  We are so very proud of the children and their hard work.  Please look at our photograph section to see the other amazing models.
  • No Pens Day Wednesday 4th October 2017
    It was great to see so many parents join us for our No Pens Day Wednesday.  The children had lots of fun being creative inside and outside and had to really use their speaking and listening skills to the full.  Please do look at our photos on the website.
  • Our Playpod is now open!!
    The grand opening of our scrapstore playpod was earlier today. Please do have a look at the photographs on the website.  So far the children love playing with the crutches and suitcase.

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