Foundation Stage Profile:

When children come to our school. we monitor their progress closely to ensure that they receive the best support and opportunities.  In Foundation Stage, your child will be assessed in different independent activities throughout the year.  Teachers will keep a 'Learning Journey' for your child which contains photos, work and notes to show how they have progressed over the year.

Assessments throughout the year:

Within each year group, children are assessed on entry and then termly, to look at progress and next targets.  These assessments are made through looking at a range of work in different contexts.  Assessment and next steps are fed back to children and parents during Termly Learning Reviews.

Year 1 Phonics Screening

All Year 1 children take part in a Phonics Screening Check in June.  This check assesses the child's understanding and application of phonics skills.  The check will be administered by the Year 1 teachers, and results will be included in the end of year reports home to parents.

Year 2 end of Key Stage SATS

Children in Year 2 are assessed during May.  Teacher assessment is backed up by SATs papers in reading, writing and maths.  These end of Key Stage results are reported annually to the county and to parents in the end of year report.  Our expectation is that children should achieve a Level 2B by the end of Key Stage 1.

Marking and Feedback

In our school we see marking and feedback as an important tool to let the children know how well they have done in their work and what they can do next to improve.  We use starts and ticks in work to show where the children have applied the 'Success Criteria' and where they hae achieved the Learning Objective, alongside arrows to show next steps.  We encourage children to self-assess through smiley faces on their work and in lessons, and to comment on what they have done well, or on what they have found tricky.

Termly Learning Reviews

We have an "open door" policy in our school and encourage parents to come and talk to teachers if and when they need to, please feel free to arrange an appointment with your child's teacher after school.  Termly Learning Reviews take place in November, February to March and June to talk about how your child is getting on and to discuss next steps.

Reports to Parents

During each term, a report is sent out to parents with information from the child's Termly Learning review.  This paperwork is talked through at the learning review.  At the end of an academic year you will receive an End of Year report, detailing progress, achievement and attainment across the curriculum.